Why Using Condoms and How to Get Ones the Best

Condom is contraception equipment to make sex safer. It can be used both men and women as there are two types of condoms. It can be contraception equipment as it will block the sperms from interacting with ovary. The sperms will not be left on women but on the condom instead. Condom is made from latex, polyurethane, or sheep skin. Based on England National Health Service, men condom is effective to prevent pregnancy up to 98% while women condom exceeds 95%. It solves the problem of people who are not willing to be pregnant yet.

Advantages of Using Condoms

There are some advantages of using condoms. The first one is preventing women from pregnancy. But aside from the advantage, there are some others related to health issues. It can prevent sexual diseases and spreading of viruses and fungi. Some sexual diseases like pelvic inflammatory disease, gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Chancroid, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and many more can be prevented with the using of condom. Aside from those diseases, human papiloma virus, herpes simplex virus, and hepatitis B virus can be prevented as well.

Many people think that using condom makes sex feels less tempting but it depends on how people prefer the sex itself. Using condom will make men can have longer intercourse, put effort more to get the ultimate joy. It makes people feel slow to get the climax, not in such a rush.

Condom is easy to use and easy to find. People can get it on stores easily. For teens, condoms seem safer to use rather than other contraception option such as pills and injection. It will not affect the body system as it only works at ‘exterior’. If you can find the best quality of condom, you will feel comfort, so does your sex partner. You are also away from pregnancy possibility.

How to Get Ones the Best

There are various condoms available on stores. They are in various sizes, flavors, and even materials. It may be the only little bit hard thing in selecting condoms. So before you decide to shop for condoms, you need to know your size. This is how you get comfort, using the size of yours. There are various brands and sometimes each brand has different standard of size so better check out your size before purchasing any. Using too small condom will threaten you but using too big is risky.

There are various flavors so you can experiment one by one to seek the best. And if you have allergy to condom, there is condom available special for you. It is made especially with anti-allergy material. You can also experiment different shapes. Condom is not only available in single shape but various to let you attract your partner more.

For women, there are condoms available. If men use the condom when they feel they are nearer to climax or just about starting the intercourse, women can use it about 8 hours before having sex. So to get the best sex experience using condom, it is better to decide it is the man or woman who will make the condom. If you have decided, go to the stores, physical one or online and select for your favorite flavor and brand.

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