Governor Fashola Lagos location Is Our Pride

Lagos remained the capital of the Federal Republic of Nigeria until 1992, when the capital of Abuja by the Nigerian military government moved because at the heart of Abuja. This centralization of capital is a essential need to develop such functions as site capital or not is a request of the oligarchy of the north in mid-1970, its fate decided to apply this reach. All I know is that there are many people in Nigeria; they are tranquil very distinguished in worship in Lagos. And the reason for this claim item. They tried, Abuja, came out of nowhere and give the same plot it had enjoyed for centuries Lagos as the capital of Nigeria, but they were a creation of an artificial harbor to advance the city. Thus, while Lagos is commercial, geographical and interesting as the capital of Nigeria, Abuja is physically shapely, well planned and well. scrutinize Lagos as a wonder of nature and Abuja as an artificial creation.

“If Lagos is a Portuguese word for lagoon and is probably a derivation of the word Lagos Heal me. It seems reasonable to prefer that Lagos was named because it has a lot in terms of physical and geographical characteristics of a exiguous lake town in Portugal” (background city: Lagos society before 1900 by Kunle Lawal) The disclose over ownership of the Lakes have continued to update this exasperate different ethnic groups in Nigeria one time or another claimed ownership of the city. The typical version Edo thinks the city is now the name of “Eko” prisoner of war camp in Benin that military attacks in urban areas outside the recent Republic of Benin to Lagos mainly primitive.

Yoruba version or Eko Lagos (Lagos) Ogunfunminire by a prince, along with other migrated from Ile-Ife founded. Eko means at its disposal to Oko (farm) in the Yoruba language. These version Yoruba estimates of the impact on the city of Benin posthaste became associated with the version in the Edo (Edo), the first settlers, once celebrated. Instead, it was agreed that the carry out was only an act of conquest, Benin and the coronation of the greatest leaders that their (Benin) were extracted. Hausa claim are followed. “Testimony before believe Victor Famakinwa panel inquire riots in Lagos, the other day, said the panel Serikin Hausa Hausa owner of Lagos. The more you press, argued that the Hausa in Lagos since 1735, and of course treated them badly and foreign and bloodshed Hausa in Lagos “(study The Guardian on Sunday, January 21, 2001)

The Serikin Hausawa of Agege (Alhaji Abdullahi Jibril) said that “Ago” Hausa “a plot arrive Epe, Ibeju-Lekki and Alausí is Hausa. However, this statement is an dwelling of Lagos Hausa. The conflict in the interpretation of the property in Lagos also face us was the describe of the Ijaw and Urhobo, the third and fourth accelerate to claim ownership of Lagos. In belief of the ethnic groups in the site currently classified as “Ajegunle is one of them. Enter the Igbo hasten, one of the largest ethnic groups in Nigeria. Like the Ibos are tight and people who work hard, especially in areas Okomaiko, Alaba International and Ajamgbadi Igboman will content you that Lagos is no man’s land. After all, a station called Oyingbo Lagos Igbo word “person Igbo. This set includes the Igbo and clearly shows that the Ibo are in Lagos earlier than historians living memory. This expression is very, I abominate to know that the nature of Lagosian Issale-Eko. seek at her, or spark a novel round of unrest, because the city is fresh to them.

All these arguments to clarify the serve honest or counterfeit, what is today perhaps the only city of Lagos, Nigeria, which is effective for everyone. This is where the city of Lagos in the history of the other “(who is something Lagos for each of us is linked to the fate of the city Reuben Abati) The truth is that differing degrees of Lagos plates from various states of Nigeria together. “Lagos is home to all (Anambra), the Centre of Excellence (Lagos itself),” Centre of Unity (Abuja), “sizable Heart” (Delta), “pacemaker” (Ondo) “Gateway location “(Ogun),” Trade Center “(Kano), etc. Lagos is everything to us. No wonder ministers working in Abuja but live in Lagos. Everyone wants to Lagos so we have seen, read or heard of Lagos region. Different people have different views of Lagos. Lagos is a very absorbing and bright spot to live comfortably with the rules of nature, some unused resources and plenty of attractions. The cosmopolitan nature of Lagos shows the population of the city in a variety of people approach together to address how difficult political socio-economic, cultural and urban. But people across the country and internationally, to withhold the migration to Lagos. Perhaps the only area in Nigeria, which produces a non-native and president of the local authorities in the country far from Lagos tourism hospitality Igbo.

In a sense, then the governor of Lagos, said the governor of all ethnic groups in Nigeria. In fact, it’s fair a person that has nothing to do with living somewhere in Lagos. Therefore, the inclusion of value in Lagos. “The military leadership has no Nigeria” (Gen. Yakubu Gowon, spoke at the opening of the Ken Nnamani Centre for Leadership and Development. This day, Wednesday, May 7, 2008) But what Gowon did not hesitate to say that costly mistakes in Abuja, Nigeria, capital expenditures with erections and ran as a sum of money can be perceived as someone who first came to the city of Abuja, the failure of these failures. Lagos is the capital of Nigeria remains forever in our thoughts, welcome to Lagos.

Lagos plot is our pride said by Virtues of a visionary Governor Lagos Mr. Fashola who is Nigeria Unassuming leader. Visit for more about Gov. Babatunde raji fashola.

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