Dating and Seduction – The Three Rules of Dating

Dating is a crazy thing. Most people on our

society haven’t figured it out.

But it’s shapely icy once you’ve gotten it

figured, like my obedient friend and parter Vincent


Allow me to part with you Vin’s Three Rules of


1) Have it be convenient for you.

2) sustain it inexpensive.

3) construct determined you can talk where you’re at.

Or, if you grasp, The Three C’s of Dating:

C1) Convenient.

C2) Cheap.

C3) Conversation.

This will give you the best chance to score the

girl. Dates that are not Convenient for you will

fabricate you seem like you’re working hard to ticket

her, or of improper residence. For this reason, don’t

drive three hours to gaze her, and certainly don’t

conception a gigantic production with a limo and a string

quartet for your first dat.

Cheap! Cheap is well-behaved. Cheap is no pressure. A

woman would rather have a fine trip through a

park with a guy that’s no pressure than go out to

eat an expensive restaurant that’s heavy

pressure. As a general rule, the more something

costs, the more pressure is interested. Also, women

don’t want to feel like you’re trying to recall

their attention. For these reasons, it’s actually

better to sustain dates cheap. I’m not saying BE

cheap, I’m saying go on inexpensive dates.

And conversation, the all vital thing that

lets you net about each other. You need a date

that lets conversation go smoothly and easily.

Here’s a pop put a question to – What are the two most celebrated


If you answered movies and dinner, you’re

factual. But both violate cardinal rules of


With a movie, there’s no chance for conversation.

For two hours, you’re sitting there in the dismal

and can’t really talk. That’s all well and apt

if you’re with your girlfriend, but on the first

few dates, you don’t want that. And as an

additional negative, movies are getting more and

more expensive these guys. It could cost $30 for

two tickets, popcorn, and drinks these days. How

it costs that noteworthy is beyond me, but that’s too

expensive for a first day for distinct.

Dinner. Well, dinner’s not cheap. Even cheap

dinner’s not cheap. So she might feel like you’re

trying to occupy her attention, which is always dreadful.

It makes women wretched, and makes her mediate

you’re of extreme station. Like you need to steal her


But here’s something many people don’t realize

about dinner: It’s awful for conversation. You’re

sitting directly across from each other with very

minute subject matter except for menus. There’s

lots of pressure, and if the conversation slows

down, it can be awkward, which wouldn’t be the

case in many of the dates I’m about to suggest

for you. Planning dinner as allotment of a date is no

suited, so leave it alone.

suited Dates:

Remember, you want your dates to be Convenient,

Cheap, and be able to have some nice

Conversation. How to do that?

A celebrated ‘date suggestion’ from me is coffee. I

like coffee, since you’ve got options. You go gain

a cup of java with her on a Saturday afternoon.

If she shows up and turns out to be the type of

girl you don’t like (either she’s not physically

your type on further inspection, or has nothing

going on upstairs) then you can leave no quandary.

But if she turns out to be an awesome girl? After

coffee, you can go grab a cut of pizza. Yes,

it’s okay to eat on dates… making your date

itself getting a meal is unpleasant, but if you’re

spending time together and win hungry, go eat.

You’re basically treating her like someone you’re

very comfortable with. If you went to fetch coffee

with a halt friend, or one of your relatives

that you like, and got hungry, you’d say let’s go

grab a bite to eat. No pressure there.

Here’s a ample line if you’re at coffee: “You

hungry? ” If she answers yes, you say, “Okay me

too, let’s grab a gash of pizza.” If she says

no, you say, “That’s okay, you can peer me eat.”

The second one, in particular, gets amazing

results and you impartial eat something light in front

of her and hold conversing.

Other things: fling around and observe at touristy

stuff if you live in a city. occupy it or not,

most people never gape the sites in their home

city. I live on the East hover, and I’ve never

seen the Statue of Libery in modern York City, never

walked the Freedom dawdle in Boston, and haven’t

been to any of the memorials in Washington D.C.

Of course, I’ve seen all the touristy stuff in

London and Mexico City and many western states,

but that’s the point. If you saunter down the road

from where you live to some historical monument,

it’s a enormous time, and there’s a helpful chance

she’s never been there.

Of course, if you’re not in your home city, fun

puny places level-headed work too. You can have her

some you around a bit, which is valid.

As I mentioned earlier, I like coffeeshops.

Starbucks-esque places are okay, but I really

like artistic coffee shops, with different music

and fun things to peer at. My current coffeeshop

of all time had different music playing every

time I went, bewitching local art on the walls,

and one of the grand unisex bathrooms had

floor-to-ceiling chalkboards lining all four

walls. People would write poetry and blueprint

pictures on the chalkboards, or unprejudiced imprint their

name. Let me negate you, my friend, that was the

easiest bathroom in the world to win your date

into with you!

Another date I like: Window shopping. If you amble

through a mall, there’s going to be plenty of

though-provoking stores. You can have a cup of coffee

if you like coffee (or tea or hot chocolate or

whatever), and roam around looking at inviting

things. One of my current shops is a immense

kitchen shop with all sorts of wintry things.

They’ve got all sorts of crazy cooking

instruments, various pots and steamers for all

different types of cuisine, recipes and sauces,

cold looking plates, and anything and everything

else you could imagine. From there, it’s really

easy to situationally relevantly talk about what

she can cook, and what she’s going to cook for


trail into whatever stores you please. impartial be

careful with Victoria’s Secret: Vincent once was

in Victoria’s with a girl he was on a date with,

holding up lingerie and talking about she’d peruse

splendid in. His date was loving it, eating it up,

but then her friend walked over! Yikes, Vin tells

me the girl blushed lovely hard.

Other places to go: Walks through parks, and by

rivers and ponds. Free or cheap baseball games,

either a local team’s or even a nearby school’s.

Iceskating and rollerskating are actually radiant

trustworthy first dates. They’re cheap if you go on

their discount night (it’s Tuesday at my accepted

rollerskating location), it’s convenient for me, and

it’s huge for conversation. And by the procedure, I’m

not exactly the best rollerskater in the world.

In fact, I’ll admit it: I’m downright awful.

But it works well anyway! I say to her as we’re

walking in, “Okay, I can’t skate at all, so

you’re going to have to kinda ‘be the guy’ and

possess my hand and acquire distinct I don’t topple over,”

said half-kiddingly. And to top it off, when we

glean our skates, I say, “You got this one? ”

Meaning, “Are you paying? ” They do most of the

time, and it sets a generous frame.

Alright, so you’ve gone on a fun date or two with

her. First you met for coffee, then walked around

and went window shopping and looked at stores,

had a bite to eat, and parted. Second date, you

went rollerskating or to one of those fun museums

like the notice Museum in D.C. Now, you want to have

her over to your region. What’s a splendid date for


Cooking dinner with her.

One of the best dates before you sleep with a

woman. Not so respectable first date, but after that,

it’s mammoth. Now, I don’t want to hear you can’t

cook – I can’t, either. I invent exactly one dish

well that doesn’t involve grilling. But that’s

all I need. I acquire a spaghetti with a mushroom

and onion meat sauce, and French bread. It’s not


Learn one dish, or unbiased have a general notion of

what you want to construct. Then go over to her state

with the ingrediants, or have her advance over to

yours. From there, give her duties as you cook. I

have my date high-tail the pasta or sauce while I dice

up vegetables and find the meat ready.

After we form a mess cooking, we wash up and chat

waiting for dinner to execute. Then we eat dinner,

and maybe a minute new fruit at the waste. Having

her feed you strawberries is a nice touch if you

can pull it off.

And from there, expend your imagination. When it

comes time to bring them to the bedroom, remember

to expend situational relevance. So you can either

begin kissing her in the living room, then bring

her by the hand to the bedroom, or you can say

there’s something entertaining in your bedroom

that she objective needs to glimpse…

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