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Hello everybody. I have been working on relationships and dating for 13 years. During this time, I both gave individual sessions and training on this topic with more than 25,000 women. Those who know know, I never like cliché-like nonsense rules.

low-consciousness teachings in the style of never appear in my book. How will you be reunited if you run away forever? Underneath this is the inaccessibility syndrome, which makes love inaccessible. This time, you can only be with people who are not your equals but who will be inadequate for you. And you can be jealous of your peers.

Let’s examine the rules of keeping dating and the relationship dynamic and keeping interest at the top from another angle. This time I’m going to surprise you, and I’m going to talk about Newton’s Laws. Yes, you didn’t hear it wrong. The laws of physics mirror us in relationships, as in every field. Because it is the inner feelings that will keep the interest up and running. They also have an energy. It has a frequency.

Everything is an energy. Especially our feelings and thoughts create an electromagnetic field. This field has a frequency. How do we know? Because doctors and scientists have managed to measure this. Especially Dr. After years of extensive work, David Hawkins has managed to give value by measuring our perspective, judgment and emotions.

Let’s also know this. In every relationship, we have the person we love, just as we have an electromagnetic field. And a third electromagnetic field is created in the relationship where the two meet. This is the identity of the relationship. All secret, overt, conscious, unconscious emotions, fears and judgments of both us and the person we love are gathered in this area. And this place transfers information to each other. Unfortunately, it is the flow of information in this invisible space that breaks or puts a great starting relationship into an impasse.

So let’s take a look at it. The amount of energy flowing into each other through this electromagnetic field should be roughly equal. If the man transfers too much energy to the woman, the woman will lose interest. When the opposite happens, the male’s interest diminishes.

Whoever does this and similar behavior more often loses interest from the other party. So let’s not tell the other party as much as we want, let’s keep it secret, but let’s keep dreaming and pondering it quietly, all the energy goes to the other side.

This is why, in order to reverse a broken relationship, it is necessary to feel and reverse how much energy we have transferred to the person we like. This is where Newton’s Laws come into play.

Likewise, paying the karma and spiritual debts in our lives will be shorter and easier for some and longer and more difficult for some of us. This is the amount of our debt.

Dating and relationship are governed by feelings and judgments. And emotions and judgments have an energy, hence measurement and mathematics. Therefore it is subject to the laws of physics and mathematics.

How you apply all of these depends on how much you cleanse your innermost wrong, fearful, anxious, guilt and shame based thoughts and concerns.

Emotion and Communication Mentor Seda Diker enables people to dominate the negative emotions and thoughts that they cannot prevent and transform them permanently.

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