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Specialist from Istanbul Okan University Hospital, Department of Psychology. Psychologist Ceylin S├╝rek made recommendations against the concerns caused by the coronavirus.

2020 … Some entered with what hopes, some had what they planned. Everyone had different dreams, but we had to be united in one reality. Pandemic, coronavirus that surrounds the world!

Apart from the chaos that the pandemic has brought to our daily lives, the uncertainty we are experiencing now increases our worries day by day. Getting the virus, getting sick and transmitting it to loved ones; is among our main concerns. Besides these; Problems that may occur at work, loss of income, social isolation, and the inability to find enough food, hygiene and healthcare equipment due to empty shelves cause our anxiety to increase even more.

Wake up and go to bed at the same time as possible and try to do the parts of your daily activities that you can do. Most employees switched to the home study system, and students switched to the online tutoring system. People who switch to this system; They can get up at their usual time, get their work done, and maintain the comfort of working at home. You can prepare yourself your favorite food and drink, sit where you are most comfortable and use the advantages of staying at home by working. Couldn’t you do your sport? Use the benefits of technology. You can open various videos of the sport you are interested in and create a space where you can freely do your own sports. If you want to socialize and do sports like in the gym, you can choose online group lessons. You can take short walks in places that are not crowded and close to your home and get fresh air. Physical inactivity intensifies the stress-related responses, so be active, don’t be put off by saying “I’m at home then I’ll do it”.

Those who were bothered by not being able to spend enough time at home were rewarded with time. Take care of your spouse and your children. See this as an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with them. Being physically isolated does not mean that you are socially isolated. Again, using the benefits of technology, talk to your loved ones and those who have not been able to meet for a long time. Plan what to do with them after this period has passed. Make a list of movies, TV shows and books you can’t read. Try to cook a meal you haven’t done before. Make new arrangements in your home. Sign up for an online course that will be useful to you or that interests you. While it may sound simple, taking these actions will allow you to take a break from your anxiety, relax and improve your quality of life.

Look at situations you can control rather than worry about what you can’t control. Thinking about how far this virus has spread or where it might be transmitted to you will increase your anxiety. Rather than think about these, take control and see what you can do. You can start with personal care and healthcare practices. Eat a healthy diet, pay attention to your sleep patterns, wash your hands well, keep your body active and exercise. How you can strengthen your immunity, research. On the other hand, if you need to go out, take precautions, use disinfectants, pay attention to social distance, change your clothes, ventilate your home. Realize how much you can control when you think, feel the power in your hand. Do not limit your control over your behavior, focus on your power of thinking.

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